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Ceramic Coats & Head light Restoration : Services

Ceramic Coating

We highly recommend applying a Ceramic Coat to your vehicle's paint for several compelling reasons—especially if you're invested in preserving its longevity. When you purchase a new vehicle, the paint lacks protection, with no wax or any form of shield applied. Your clear coat remains exposed, susceptible to contamination from the moment it leaves the factory. It becomes your responsibility to safeguard this investment.

A Ceramic Coat is a chemical that forms a robust bond with your paint at a molecular level, significantly toughening it and, when properly maintained, making contamination nearly impossible. Once this bond is cured, your vehicle gains extreme hydrophobic properties, swiftly repelling water and minimizing water spots. The Ceramic we utilize boasts a 10H hardness, equivalent to diamond hardness. Once cured, it creates a protective shell over your paint, shielding it from sun-induced fading, oxidation, permanent scratches, and even the corrosive effects of bird droppings, which are high in acid.

The most noticeable benefit of a Ceramic Coat lies in the consistent shine your vehicle displays and its remarkably smooth feel.

Whether you own a classic car, a work truck, or a luxurious SUV for family outings, Ceramic is the solution to maintaining your investment's protection and beauty over the years. Remember, investing in your vehicle is investing in your investment!

Curious about more than just Ceramic Coatings? Inquire about our partnership with TINT PRO WINDOW TINTING, offering PAINT PROTECTION FILM + CERAMIC COATINGS for comprehensive vehicle care.


Making Your ride tough!

Did you know jeeps are one of the hardest vehicles to wash. why? all those nooks and cranny's! Lucky for this couple its coated, making it easier to wash and dry!


Car Detailing

Electric Rose loves a classic; yes, this 1972 El Camino has a 5-year coat. Because this car is stored in a garage the coat will easily last longer.... yes, that's how it works!


Let me paint one last photo of what a ceramic coat will protect your investment from.

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